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The New World

The New World was born on 11th March 2005
(It has been anticipated for thousands of years, since eternity)

Every seed, planted in the right conditions, develops according to the Law, giving rise to a beautiful tree and producing delicious fruit. Nothing can resist the Light which illuminates the Universe creating Harmony, that only knowledge of the Truth can reproduce within itself.

The Truth can only be found on one’s own path, and it is achieved by cleansing oneself of the imperfections of one’s soul, which contains a copy of the Universal Law.
Powerful is he who can stand in the midst of noise and continue to listen to himself. It means that within him is manifested Spiritual Energy, the true source of Life.

The judge of Truth is in the Being who lives with Humility.

How sweet it is to nourish you with my fruits, but even sweeter for me that you can taste these products of your soul, where the Energy of the Spirit resides, just waiting to manifest itself.

Hope is the manner in which the Spirit appears when it manifests to the soul the desire to live.

The incredibly simple principle on which the Knowledge is based, and which will revolutionise the world, is this: 
“From what I sense in my Soul, everything is either True, or False, or I am Unaware of it.
I can only Accept or Deny what I feel.”
This principle will free humanity, as it contains the Light, and is derived from the Light.
No corner of the Universe is untouched, as it is the same Principle of Existence.
Soon many, and later all, will recognise the Principle of Life.

The tree grows modestly until it produces its fruit, and water descends from the mountains to the sea. It is thus that the Master gives light to his pupil and nourishes him, giving him the gift of Life.

The Light breaks the chains and man escapes from the maze, discovering Eternal Life. The Spirit reveals itself and blossoms in the soul of the Humble, in union with Universal Harmony.

One does not become great by trying to walk the path of the great, much less repeating their words, but along one’s own path with great humility, that is, listening to oneself.

Words are not the Truth, but a mere manifestation of the Being. Those who claim that all words are the Truth claim to have fruit without the tree, or to achieve a goal without taking a path.

Man’s soul contains the seeds of the Spirit, which manifest themselves through humility, which develop and produce Life.

  • The glass must be filled before overflowing.
  • The chicken believes that the whole world is within the egg until it puts its head outside the shell.
  • He who falls into the pit is not always able to escape by himself.
  • The life of every man is manifested in stages; only by growing is it possible to learn.
  • Only the True Self leads to True Altruism, since both bear the character of the Truth.
  • For many thousands of years the Truth has been spoken without being known.
  • For thousands of years the False has been portrayed as the Truth.
  • Only Clarity will lead to the true Life, and will be attained by separating the Truth from the False.
  • By separating the Truth from the False, the infinite energy of the Spirit will be freed.
  • Many confuse imagination with Knowledge.
  • Every man, thanks to the Light, can distinguish within himself the Truth from the False, attaining Absolute True Clarity
  • The key to solving all problems is to separate the Truth, the False, and that which we are Unaware of.
  • Prejudices have obstructed humanity.
  • Many seek the Truth in the words of others, and are not aware that it is within the soul; we just need to search for it in the right way.
  • Many have spoken in the name of God, but they have not known.
  • The Spirit manifests itself in every form of life.
  • The tools to attain the Truth and to realise oneself are: Desire and Humility.
  • For thousands of years humanity has sought to find the Truth, but has not yet seen the Light.
  • Only those that have taken the right path will arrive at the right destination
  • Why there are ten Commandments.
  • There are two kinds of Duty: the inner and the outer; between the two is the abyss.
  • Respect, Strength and Determination… are these positive factors?
  • The difference between Justice and Revenge.
  • The laws of the New World are the laws of the Spirit, namely those of the Universal Law.
  • What is the Universal Judgement?
  • To the humble, the Truth appears through the soul.
  • The Truth, when it is the Truth, is simple and contagious. Nothing can attract the soul more than the Light.
  • The Light and Free Will.
  • Where insecurity comes from and how it is eliminated.
  • The mouse in the maze shows substantial evidence of intelligence.
  • Pruning is one of the most valuable tools available.
  • Man lives searching for Harmony and to merge with the Universe.
  • Humanity is made up of children who believe they are men.
  • The difference between Illusion and Hope.
  • The Truth is in the small things.
  • The Darkness is destined to be penetrated by the Light.
  • Hell exists, and the state in which humanity finds itself demonstrates this. However, it can be conquered.
  • Man is a child obstructed and afraid, living in fear, in hell. Waiting to be freed. Only the Light can liberate him.
  • Men use different words to say the same thing, and the same words to mean different things.
  • Soon the world will exist according to the Universal Law, under the Law of the Spirit.
  • The Truth cannot be learned, only lived.
  • A precise date for the New World: 11th March 2005 time 7.15. The Truth and the False have begun to separate in a definitive way, and forever. Finally, the power of the Light is active. Humanity can no longer turn back, because this is the power of the True Light.

4 August 2005

If you have a loved one and want to wish them well you can share a page like this with them. Their soul will do the rest, in time. Sometimes just a minute speck of dust can block a wonderful mechanism. Take it away and the mechanism will start working again!

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